About us

Queer Meetup Munich is a group of friendly queer people in Munich.
We organize activities and events for queer people to easily meet and socialize. We welcome LGBTIAQ+ people of all backgrounds. Our regular and diverse meetups range from karaoke, and dinners to city walks, hiking, museum visits, and improv theatre workshops.
Come join us !

Do you have an idea for an event and you would like us to organize it? Do you regularly attend our events and would like to step-up as an organizer yourself? Contact us at queermuenchen@protonmail.com

This is a snapshot of our current member statistics

We have added 63 new members in May, 2023 with a total group size of 1163 members.

Our members come from 49 different countries of the world and speak even more number of languages ! Given below is a world map with countries marked in green, which our members come from.

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