1. Why do I have to join meetup.com?
We do not collect your personal data. Instead, we fully delegate member management to meetup.com. This allows us to concentrate on what matters (organizing amazing events) without having to handle the management of members.

If you plan on joining us, you will need a free account on http://www.meetup.com. You can login with your google/facebook/apple credentials, or create a brand new account using your email address. Additionally, you will need to join our group there. You can configure your meetup account so your group membership is not visible to others. This may be useful if you do not want other people on meetup to know you are part of an openly queer group.

2. I would like to join one of your events, but I am quite shy…
We understand. Just message one of the organizers (contacts on meetup.com). We can arrange to meet you at the nearest U Bahn station before the meetup or add you to a Whatsapp group once to register to an event, so it’s a bit less awkward. We are a friendly bunch, you will feel right at home.

4. What is the age range of people who attend these events?
We have had people from early 20s to 70s attend our meetups.

5. Do we have to pay to attend the events?
No. There is no membership fee. You of course have to pay for your own food/drink/movie tickets, etc. For some particular events (like the grill parties, or the improv/dance workshops) we may ask participants to give a small contribution to support the organization (e.g. buying disposable grills, donating to the workshop instructors).

6. How do you finance the activities of the group?
The organizers are volunteers and they don’t get any economical compensation. The only live expenses we have are the upkeep of this website and of the group on meetup. To cover those, we organize once a year, in September, a fundraiser among the members.

7. What language do you speak at the meetup?
Usually English. But there are plenty of people who speak fluent German.

8. Are you all publicly queer?
No. Each member is at a different stage of their coming out. Some of us are completely open, some prefer to choose with whom to be open, some are still in the closet. We are well aware of the very special trust that each member puts in all the rest of the group by allowing us to know they are queer, and treat this information always with the highest confidentiality. 

9. Is this group for straight people as well?
This is a group for queer people to meet freely without being made to feel uncomfortable. If you identify as a straight ally but not queer, please send us a brief message letting us know why you would like to join us.

10. Is this group only for expats?
Absolutely not! Many members (and a few organizers) are locals that enjoy meeting an international crowd.

11. Why can’t I see the exact locations and dates of your events?
You absolutely can! Just not here 🙂 We do like to plan our events carefully, and this includes making sure we know how many people will show up. For this reason, precise dates and locations are only visible on meetup.com, where we also kindly ask you to register your participation to any event you wish to join.

12. I found a cool event here, but on meetup.com I see I just missed it! Will there be other dates?
Most of the events you find on this site repeat regularly. If there is a particular event you would really like us to add to our calendar in the near future, just come to one of our Stammtisch events and have a chat with any of the organizers. We are always happy to welcome new joiners and to collect feedback on our activities.

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