Have you ever wanted to shake it off to your favourite songs at the top of your lungs? Would you like to join in as you let some people (me) entertain you (more or sometimes less) on a stage? Ever wanted to take the leap, get up there and courageously perform yourself? Do you want to very quickly find out who has the same music taste as you? Have you wondered whether this is the real life or just a fantasy?

Well, folks, it is real!

We meet for karaoke at Shamrock on Fridays, singing and enjoying ourselves. After a half hour to get to know everyone, the music starts and we can find community and/or communion in belting out the lyrics we never knew a song had. Be surprised by how queer most of it sounds (literally :))!

If you want to turn this Irish Pub even queerer, join us! Updates will be posted to (see Contact).

“Be gay, do drugs, hail Satan!”

  • Super Cassette song title and lyrics
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