Newsletter March 2023

Welcome to the first edition of the International Queer Meetup Munich Newsletter. We thought of starting a monthly newsletter to keep you updated about upcoming events and organizational news within our little community.

Upcoming events

Sub (15th March) and Lez (10th and 24th March) Stammtisch

Our weekly Stammtisch hosted by the lovely Megan and Bosé alternates every week between Sub and Lez. This month, Lez Stammtische are on the following two Fridays: 10th and 24th of March. Our Sub Stammtisch, held on Wednesdays was on the 1st of March, and will be held again on the 15th of March . Our regular Stammtische start at 19:00, just RSVP and drop by for a drink and meet some cool queer people! Thanks to Jochen, we also tend to the bar on the same day as one of our Sub Stammtische. This was done on the 1st of March. Soon, we will tend the bar at Lez during one of our Lez Stammtisch events. Stay tuned for some news soon…

Queer book club (14th March)

Andrea di S. is an avid reader and regularly joins the English Queer Book Club, which has been meeting for a long time. Andrea posts details about the Queer book club every month. This month, the queer book club will be discussing the book “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf on the 14th of March at Zunfthaus from 19:30.

Movie night (19th March)

One Sunday a month is movie night at the IQMM. Arijit hosts the movie nights at Sub. Bring some snacks, grab a drink and enjoy a queer movie. This month on the 19th of March, starts at 19:15.

Visit to the trade fair (12th March)

Looking for inspiration for your next hands-on project at home? Interested in handywork? Or in handymen or handywomen? Tai is taking us to the trade fair at Messe Munich on Sunday, 12th of March at 10:30 am.

Starkbierfest ! (12th March)

Did the handymen and women leave you feeling very very thirsty? Get a really really strong Maβ at the Starkbierfest at Paulaner am Nocherberg, starting 16:30. There is an entry fee for this event, for more details .This event is hosted for us by the wonderful Andrea di S. and Mikayla! Be quick to RSVP, the table is nearly full…

Improv workshop (19th March)

Improve your spontaneity and creativity, or just add some (more) drama to your queer life by attending the Improv workshop, hosted by Karin and Arijit. The workshop will be led by a trainer. There is an entry fee for this event, for more details visit The improv workshop will take place at Sub, on the 19th of March, from 15:00 to 19:00.

Winter Hike to Stolzenberg (26th March)

Miss hiking in the winter? Love the mountains? Want to do something sporty and outdoorsy? Join host Arijit for a hike to Stolzenberg on the 26th of March from 09:30 onwards.

News from the organizing team

This month, 2 new co-organizers joined the team: Andrea G. and Sushil. We are happy to welcome them to the team. 4 co-organizers voluntarily stepped down this month since they can no longer devote time or because they moved to a different city. We want to thank Claudine, Sharang, Frieda, and Zon for all their hard work and contributions towards keeping our wonderful group running.

Do you want to become a co-organizer and help run IQMM? Do you perhaps have ideas on how to organize events or would you like to help organize existing events? You are eligible to become a co-organizer after you attend at least 3 events. If you are interested, just send an email to The current organizational team will briefly discuss and get back to you.

On the other hand, if you only want to organize one or two events, just talk to one of the organizational team and we will do our best to help you organize your event.

An update on the recent organizer meeting (4th March 2023)

During the most recent organizer meeting, we discussed and planned some of the big upcoming events (eg. CSD, BBQs, Candle light party, etc) some new recurring events (eg. “eating around the world”, open-air art events in the summer) and some one-offs eg. more improv worksops, Nintendo night, outdoor sports, etc.

We also talked about making the path to becoming a co-organizer more transparent, improving communication between the organizers and between organizers and all the members and involving all the active members in planning events (thanks Octavio for the feedback!). We also talked about starting this newsletter!

Finally, we need your feedback:

On the newsletter:

Do you have ideas for the newsletter/ would you like to contribute to it? Do you have ideas for new events or any feedback for us? Please write to We would be happy to hear from you.

– Hiranmay, on behalf of the organizing team

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